Maritime Education

Sea Cadets

The U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps is the Navy’s national youth development program. In organizational units nationwide, Sea Cadets develop skills, knowledge and confidence through training opportunities in seamanship, sailing, aviation, security and many other skill sets. For over 50 years, the Great Lakes Division in the Detroit, Michigan metro area has specialized in training Cadets, ages 10-18, in seamanship and open-water diving in the Great Lakes, and by involving them in underwater research and exploration projects using the Noble Odyssey Foundation’s seagoing vessels.

Diver Kathy Trax explores an ancient submerged shoreline in Thunder Bay

Equipment and Supplies

Inter-Seas Exploration, Ltd. provides services, equipment, and supplies in support of Sea Cadet dive training and Noble Odyssey Foundation projects. Many NOF projects have served a dual purpose of training Cadets in open-water diving and involving them in research conducted by NOF staff. The NOF does not subsidize the activities or training materials of Inter-Seas. Sea Cadets may utilize equipment or supplies that were purchased with private funding. Some NOF projects do not involve Sea Cadets at all.