Documentary Films

The following documentary films have been produced by NOF in collaboration with Bob Kreipke, Director, Janine McFadden, Producer, and RingSide Creative. Teacher guides may be available for selected films.

Hidden History of Lake St. Clair

2024 (29 min.)

The 19th-century townsite of Belvedere, now submerged along the western shore of Lake St. Clair, is explored by divers looking for evidence of its structures and inhabitants.

COASTAL SHIPWRECKS Port Austin to Port Huron, Michigan

2017 film (13 min.)

Historic shipwrecks in shallow coastal waters can be visited by non-divers in kayaks. We document their remains and stories on film and on a companion website,

The Treacherous Coast: Michigan’s Thumb Area

2016 (28:46 min.)

Explore the history and underwater environment of the Port Austin and Harbor Beach light stations. Both are being restored by local communities.

America’s Ancient Industry
Parts 1&2 (2 films)

2012 (DVD 56:46 min.)

Aired on PBS. Long before Stonehenge and the Pyramids were built, an industry was flourishing in North America near the Lake Superior shores – Copper. Two documentaries take the viewer back in time to explore this fascinating story.

Great Lakes, Ancient Shores: Voyage Into History

2010 (DVD, 25 min.)

Exploring shipwrecks, a canyon and a cave under the Straits of Mackinac.


Great Lakes, Ancient Shores: River Channels

2008 (DVD, 20 min.)

Investigating the Mackinac Channel, an ancient drowned river canyon.

The Great Lakes in Motion

2008 (DVD, 20 min.)

Rare historic film footage and still photographs capture the legacy  of the of the great ships of  the Great Lakes. A masterful documentation of water transportation throughout the centuries.

Great Lakes, Ancient Shores: Reefs and Lake Levels

2007 (DVD, 25 min.)

Examining evidence of ancient lake levels in Lake Huron.

Great Lakes, Ancient Shores: Sinkholes

2006 (DVD, 17 min.)

Investigation of submerged sinkholes and springs in Lake Huron.

Drowned Forests of Lake Huron

2006 (DVD, 12 min.)

A study of submerged 7000-year-old drowned forest remains in western Lake Huron.

The Norwood Project

2005 (DVD, 18 min.)

Exploration of a submerged river channel off a prehistoric quarry site in Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan.

Freshwater Invaders

1998 (DVD, 55 min.)

Foreign species of animals and plants introduced to the Great Lakes.

Angels of the Sea

1993 (DVD, 25 min.)

An exploration of the shipwreck Emperor near Isle Royale, Lake Superior.

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