Sea Cadet Elite Dive Team Explores Cave Site with Michigan State Marine Archaeologist.

Sea Cadet Elite Dive Team Explores Cave Site withMichigan State Marine Archaeologist

Sea Cadets of the Great Lakes Division Elite Dive Team escorted the Michigan State Marine Archeologist, Wayne Lusardi to an underwater cave site which was located by LT. Kathy Trax during explorations in fall of 2008.

Mr. Lusardi, with the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary and Underwater Preserve in Alpena, Michigan, investigated the cave as a possible site of human habitation in ancient times. The cave is situated near the remains of an ancient waterfall which was active thousands of years ago, but became submerged as the levels of the Great Lakes surged higher.

A vent was discovered at the apex of the cave, an indication that humans may have used it as a shelter in the distant past and could have kept a fire burning inside. Further study and excavation will be required to prove human habitation, and the Great Lakes Division divers will be present to participate as the project

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