The NOBLE ODYSSEY FOUNDATION brings together scientists, educators and youth with an interest in underwater exploration and research to develop and support projects that will enhance public understanding of Great Lakes science and history.

Maritime Education

We advance knowledge of the Great Lakes through seagoing education and research projects.

Great Lakes Projects

Projects have involved studies of island ecology, invasive species, prehistoric drowned forests, underwater sinkholes and springs, geological features, historic shipwrecks and light stations. Many of the projects resulted in documentary films and scientific publications. The foundation supports this work with its fleet of research vessels, professional equipment, the Great Lakes Division of Sea Cadets and lots of dedicated volunteers. 

Celebrating 50 Years

For nearly 50 years, we have conducted research projects on the Great Lakes, often lead by collaborating scientists from universities, museums, corporations, and government agencies.

Our Partners

Seal of the United States Naval Sea Cadets Corps

Great Lakes Division Navy Sea Cadets: A Program for American Youth

Inter-Seas Exploration, LTD

Diver Training & SCUBA Equipment

American Academy of Underwater Sciences

Member of AAUS American Academy of Underwater Sciences

"Science and History Under the Waves"